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Coffee for a healthy living

Our WSK 16 S coffee is the smart solution to combine coffee and healthy lifestyle. Based on a variety of herbal medicines and vital substances, the Thai coffee varieties unfold their incomparable taste, activate several diverse processes in your body and supports you on your way to more wellbeing for mind and body. The unique formulation combines the effect of 16 valuable ingredients in one product.







Why our coffee is so special…

Our coffee contains 16 essential ingredients.

Whether GOI berries, coconut, ginkgo,  CarolaCherry and much more: the WSK  Caffee16 S or WSK Caffee 15 H contains a multitude of different ingredients that initiate positive processes in our body, take over preventive tasks and support diets. Through a deliberate application, the coffee helps you lose weight by reducing cravings and certain ingredients stimulate the metabolism.








Ready in less than a minute

In three short steps, you prepare your  WSK Coffee easily and quickly. Just use the portioned packet for each cup. Simply put the powder in a cup, brew with hot water, stir briefly and your Coffee is ready.




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